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Cooking Day – 2 in the Eastern Rhodopes

The New Thracian Gold project organises second series of organic culinary events 'Cooking Days – 2’’  with organic and local agricultural produce and food from the Eastern Rhodopes. The major demonstration event will occur on 5 October in the village of Gorno Pole, Madzharovo...  read more »

date 05.10.2012 - 06.10.2012 | place: Gorno pole

The new guest house of Vasilievi's family

On 26th of April Beti and Nikolay Vasilievy will officially open their new guest house, part of their "Wild Farm" in the village of Gorno pole. The expanstion of the guest house was financially supported by the "New Thracian Gold". Vassilievi family is an example of the operation of the three NTG...  read more »

date 26.04.2012 - 26.04.2012 | place: Gorno pole