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TransRhodope Long distance biking trail

The TransRhodope Long distance mountain biking trail is developed in the Rhodope mountains in Bulgaria. The trail is mainly off-road.

It is built using dirt mountain roads, forest paths and small country roads. Over 70% of the route is traffic-free. The total lenght of the route is over 500 km.

The initiative comes from the New Thracian Gold in partnership with the foundation "House for books and adventures."

The trail passes through lovely countryside, nature reserves, remote villages, fortresses, churches, rivers, lakes, and cultural heritage. The TransRhodope trail provides both easy and difficult mountain cycling. Some parts might be a challenge to novice cyclists, but a real pleasure for experienced ones.

The route starts at the village of Trigrad (Smolyan area) and runs east through Pamporovo resort, Kardzhali lake, Studen Kladenets area, Ivaylovgrad where it ends in Madzharovo.  It is also possible to make an alternative detour which ends in Kardzhali.

The trail is red color marked in the terrain and each day trip has an easily found start/finish location.

Have in mind that Rhodope mountains are not perfectly well developed for mountain biking tourism and this is the first long-distance bike trail of its kind. Facilities for bikers, as well as routes and signs are basic and stay more on the adventurous side. Local people are very kind though, and local cuisine is exceptional.

The trail is divided in 17 sections (day trails) from 11 to 53 km each:

Day 1: The village of Trigrad – the village of Mugla – length 14 km

Day 2: Mugla village - Pamporovo resort – length 26 km

SEE directions & info from Trigrad - Mugla to Pamporovo

Download Google maps KML

Day 3: Pamporovo resort – the village of Momchilovtsi (information center) – length 15 km

SEE directions from Pamporovo to Momchilovtsi

Download Google maps KML

Day 4: Momchilovtsi - Banite or Vishnevo (next village)  - length 40 km

SEE directions from Momchilovtsi to Banite

Download Google maps KML

Day 5: From Banite to the village of Lyubino (Melanya house) – length 30 km (Alternatively you can stay the night at the house "Pri Mitaka" on the bank of the lake Kardzhali (11 km from Lyubino) or at the hotel "Chamdere" in the village of Borovitsa (16 km from Lyubino).

See directions from Banite to Lyubino

Download Google maps KML

Day 6: Lyubino village – the village of Glavatartsi - length 31 km

See directions from Lyubino to Glavatartsi

Download Google maps KML

Day 7: Glavatartsi – Letovnik (Happy Hippy hostel) - length 25 km

Download Google maps KML

Day 8: Letovnik – Kroyatsite lodge at Studen Kladenets lake - length 26 km

Download Google maps KML

Day 9: Lodge Kroyatsite - Potochnitsa (guest house is in the neighbour village Studen kladenets) - length 22 km

Download Google maps KML

Day 10: Potochnitsa - Padalo (small village on the edge of the mountains, sleep is possible in house Toni - available only on request, call in advance) - length 20 km

Download Google maps KML

Day 11: Padalo - Pelevun (Kaloyanovi kashti B&B) - length 45 km

Download Google maps KML

Day 12: Pelevun - Ivaylovgrad (Armira Hotel, Luxor Hotel) – length 21 km

Download Google maps KML

Day 13: Ivaylovgrad – the village of Borislavtsi (Trakiyska kashta) - length 46 km

Download Google maps KML

Day 14: Borislavtsi - Madzharovo (The old nest) - Rabovo – length 36 km

Download Google maps KML

Alternative detour to Kardzhali

Day 13А: Ivaylovgrad – Gornoseltsi (accommodation complicated, possible to sleep in a farmhouse) – length 20 km

Download Google maps KML

Day 14A: village of Gornoseltsi - Madzharovo (nature conservation center of the BSPB) or village of Gorno pole (in The Wild Farm) – length 36 km + 6 km to The Wild Farm

Download Google maps KML

Day 15: Madzharovo - Rabovo (guest house Tepavitsata) – length 30 km

Download Google maps KML

Day 16: Rabovo - Kaloyantsi - Gnyazdovo (village at the bank of Studen kladenets lake. Accommodation is possibe at Mihaela Lake Retreat) – length 26 km

Download Google maps KML

Day 17: Gnyazdovo - Madrets - Kardzhali ( Plamena house) - length 23 km

Download Google maps KML

These seventeen sections (day trails) are the "backbone" of the trail. Each one could also be visited as separate daytrips. Besides this main route there are additional local trails, some of them marked as well. So in each region tourists can optionally hike or ride several additional trails.

The trail is marked in red – mainly red triangles with white, but also tourist marking white-red-white, as well as indicative signs along the road.  

A TransRhodope map with hiking and biking mountain routes is available. MAp can be ordered from

The trail is described in details on the map, as well as local trails, accommodation places, sites of interest, information centers are pointed. The map gives an overview of other long-distance trails, passing through the Rhodope mountains such as Rudopia, Euro Velo 13 (Iron Curtain trail) and the Sultans trail.

For more information or help, e-mail us at: mihaela.kircheva [@]

Download the GPS tracks.

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