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Reintroduction of Tarpans

New Thracian Gold project is successfully conducting the first ever reintroduction of Tarpans in Bulgaria, a rebreed of wild horses that have lived hundreds  of years ago in Europe.

In September 2011, the first 12 Tarpans arrived in Bulgaria from the Netherlands and settled in the Eastern Rhodopes. The Tarpans are living in the area of the abandoned village of Sbor, Municipality of Krumovgrad. Those horses are the offspring of a free living population. In the first year of the Bulgarian experiment, however, the Tarpans are fenced for appropriate habituation to the Rhodopean wilderness.

The proof of the successful reintroduction of Tarpans in Bulgaria is the increasing herd with four small horses, which were born in the spring of 2012. The first two foals were named at an official ceremony in April during the first ever Tarpan Days organized by New Thracian Gold.

When the horses are accustomed to Bulgarian nature, they shall be released to the wild. Their role in Eastern Rhodopean nature will be the same as in ancient times: to graze the wild vegetation, to mould the wilderness and to support a natural ecosystem. Wild Tarpans have a reputation of being tough and easily adapted to the harsh conditions of semi-open wilderness landscapes.

The Eastern Rhodopean Tarpans became already an attraction for tourist and artists.

The Eastern Rhodopean Tarpans are very friendly and ccurious to people. We advise you, however, not to come any closer than 25 meters, not to disturb and feed them.

See here more about the Tarpans

Follow the Tourism section of NTG website to see offers for individual and group visits of the Tarpan area

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