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Eastern Rhodopes Guide


Visit the Eastern Rhodope Mountains in South Bulgaria and use this website to find out Where to stay and Where to eat, as well as find details of Activities and Interesting sites.

You can easily book everything directly through us. Simply send your request to: or

Here is the biggest catalogue of all protected sites and Nature reserves, as well as Travel services and Local guides services.

This specialized page helps you to find accommodation in local guest houses and choose your kind of holiday in Bulgaria. You can use the Search box for specific searches.

Don't forget to take the Eastern Rhodopes tourist map and the guidebook to the Eastern Rhodopes - both products of the New Thracian Gold. Buying those products means you support local economy and welfare of the local people.   

Take a look at our new hiking and biking map - TransRhodope. The map contains information about local trails, accommodation places, peaks, elevation and contour lines, monuments, protected areas and panoramic points.

Another great guidebook to the Eastern Rhodopes is the Crossbill Guide Eastern Rhodopes, including Nestos, Dadia and Evros (2013). This is the first nature travel guidebook to cover this fascinating region. It is to those who wants a very detailed and in depth guide to the habitats, wildlife and walks of the Eastern Rhodopes.

HERE are the places where you can find the map and the guidebooks available.

Here you can see a virtual tour of Studen Kladenets and the area near the hide in Madzharovo.

If you don't find what you're looking for please contact us to one of the following e-mails:

newthraciangold [@]

mihaela_kircheva [@]

We look forward to seeing you in the Eastern Rhodopes!

Taste the wild nature!

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