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Krumovgrad is a small Eastern Rhodopean town with  approximately 5000 inhabitants. The surrounding landscape  is picturesque and exotic. The area is rich in nature and offers various  cultural highlights.

 Krumovgrad is situated in  between Kardzhali and Ivaylovgrad along the Krumovitsa river. This beautiful and almost unspoilt river runs through the region from north to south.  There are several outstanding  nature areas alongside the river, which host many rare animals and plants.Almost 80% of the territory of Krumovgrad municipality is in the European ecological network Natura 2000. Nature lovers and birdwatchers could hardly expect a better recommendation. Valchi Dol and its surroundings undoubtly has the greenest reputation. This nature reserve has an international reputation of being one of the best Bulgarian sites for mammals (wolf, fallow deer, etc), vultures and eagles. In the village of Studen kladenets is  a tourist infocenter.

When visiting  the region don’t miss:

-  The abrasive wells and the Devil's Canyon behind the  Studen kladenets’ dam wall.

-  The village of Rogatch – rock tomb and medieval fortress.

-  The church of “St. Iliya (Elijah) the prophet”, Thracian tomb mound in the Yurtata area, the old turbe and medieval necropolis near the village of Avren.

-  The village of Chernichevo in Hambar dere area: here you can find necropolis  of dolmens, medieval fortress in the areas Asara and Gradisteto, the church St. Atanasyi  and the medieval church in the village of Chernichevo.

-  Thracian rock niches near the villages of Vransko, Dzhanka I near Oreshari protected site.

-  Mosque in the village of Chal, which is the oldest mosque in Eastern Rhodopes

-  Asar  area near the village of Kovil, where a prehistoric, Thracian antique village is preserved.

-  Thracian necropolis and cult place in Ak kaya area near the village of Kovil.

-  Roman bridge and mill in the village of Egrek. 

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