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Farms and attractions

The Wild Farm in the village of Gorno Pole

The Wild Farm is a non-traditional, organic farm in the village of Gorno Pole, Madzharovo Municipality. The young Vasilievi family, who are the owners, gave up their life in the big city to develop rural tourism in the old family house. Now they are arole model for many other farmers, who also chose this direction. The Wild Farm owns a herd of 400 Rhodopean Shorthorn cattle grazing freely, a small herd of Karakachan sheep and a herd of horses. They grow their own fruits and vegetables at the farm and produce their own dairy products, meat and delicies. They offer accommodation in their new guest house, homemade food, horseback riding, hiking and more. The farm is in  the network of "New Thracian Gold".


Todor’s farm in the village of Pelevun

According to Todor the village name means “place for gold mining”, but according to an article in Wikipedia it means “old forest”. The road sign at the entrance of  the village says "Plevun" but you will never hear any of the locals using that name. Everyone calls it Pelevun. For years Todor is engaged in agriculture and vulture feeding at the feeding place south of the village.  He grows sesame, walnuts and almonds. In 2012 he applies for funding from the Program for development of rural areas for overhauling his guest house. Todor also takes care for a herd of karakachan horses in the village of Kostilkovo. He is also part of “New Thracian Gold” network. For contacts: 0884 004 705. 



“The route of the cheese” in the village of Pelevun

The village of Pelevun is located in the municipality of Ivaylovgrad, near the border between Bulgaria and Greece. Miro, together with his parents is sheep breeder. In the yard of their farm is the Adventure Farm, where Miro shows to his visitors how the sheep are milked and how butter and cheese are made. The braves one can try it themselves. He offers his guests cheese, yogurt and butter as well as homemade bread and other delicious meals. Miro is funded by the Program for development of the rural areas to develop a guest house, which is expected to be ready by the end of 2013. The farm is supported by the “New Thracian Gold” project. For visits, call on 0885 410 032

The fish farm of Sevda and Feti in Madrets 

Village of Madrets is just 2 km away from the village of Chiflik, through which you usually pass when going to or coming from Perperikon. The restaurant of Sevda and Feti is right next to the main road – it is a famous place for the most delicious fish baked on a tile in the Rhodopes. It all started with the fish - construction of the stone oven, finding special baking tiles, fish farming at the nearby lake, constructing the bungalow, the alcove, taking the boat there ... The lake is a nice spot for fishing for only 2 leva per hour, and if you catch a carp it’s 5 leva per kilogram. There is a tenting space, a fire place, and an alcove hanged above the water. A nice relaxing boating tour of the lake is possible. The restaurant in the village is the place where you are served the baked trout or lamb. Above the restaurant is the guest house of the familyk. The TransRhodope long distance trail for biking and hiking goes through the village.

Wild safari in Studen Kladenets

Nature reserve “Stude Kladenets” is the perfect place for nature lovers and fans of wildlife and landscape photography, and active adventures. The reserve is located at the southern bank of lake Studen kladenets, 20 km from the village of Nanovitsa in Momchilgrad municipality. Here you can rent a kayak and enjoy the view of the surrounding bizarre rocks and lush vegetation hills. If you like more relax, rent a motorboat with a guide. Whithin one hour he will take you to the dam wall and show you the Lover's gulf. Watch for swans and cormorants in the lake, and for black storks and vultures in the sky and the rocks. One-day biking or hiking tour is possible along the TransRhodope long distance trail with a return axe to the reserve. It's possible tht wild deer, wolf or wild boar support you on the way. If you like it even wilder - rent a hide from which to observe and shoot Griffon and Egyptian vultures, deer, wolf, fox and others. From the special observation point you can see aurochs (European bison). The reserve offers accommodation and restaurant but also a place for tents and self-catering opportunities.

Organic model farm

ORGANIC MODEL-FARM TOPOLOVO village,  MADZHAROVO municipality  This model-farm plays a key-role in the New Thracian Gold (NTG)...

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Reintroduction of tarpans

Taxonomy  In 1784 Pieter Boddaert named the Tarpan under Latin name Equus ferus, referring to Gmelin's description of this animal. Even...

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