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Youth eco-club

Conservation of the "green gold" - the unique biodiversity of the Eastern Rhodopes -  is a major point in the philosophy of " New Thracian Gold" (NTG). The involvement of young people in conservation activities and promotion of natural resources is a guarantee for sustainable performance and the green future of the region.

Participating in the conservation and promotion of the biodiversity in the Eastern Rhodopes the young people learn about natural processes and relationships with the nature and recognize the responsibility to safeguard them. This is why NTG is actively engaging the members of the Eco club from National Cultural Center “Obedinenie”.

The Eco-club was established in 2008 during the project "Future of the herons" of the Cultural center "Obedineni" – Kardzhali. 20 enthousiastic students from Kardzhali started a campaign then to protect  the unique heron colony in the city center. The initiator of the eco-club, Hristo Hristov, is currently coordinator of the wildlife component in NTG.


Subsequently the eco-club  actively participated in new activities of the wildlife and biodiversity component of NTG and in conservation activities of other nature organizations in the Eastern Rhodopes:• Monitoring and evaluation of the herds of large herbivores in the region of Madzharovo (Rhodope Shorthorn Cattle, Bulgarian gray cattle and Karakachan horses)
• Collecting  and processing the data from the GPS-radio collars of the Karakachan horses
• Studying the habitat of a herd of wild Karakachan horses in the area of Madzharovo.
• Constructing a traditional cattle pen for the herd of Rhodope Shorthorn Cattle
• Constructing individual feeding place for a pair of Egyptian vultures.
• Monitoring of vultures
• Cleaning the Arda river near Madzharovo (removing trash)

• Assisting in the Tarpan reintroduction project at Sbor, Municipality of Krumovgrad • Exploring and mapping of the Tarpan area, constructing the fence  to accommodate the Tarpans.
• Monitoring and surveillance of the Tarpans • Participating in the organization of the Tarpan Days in the village of Sbor.

Marking of trails for biking and ecotourism• Participating in Nature Conservation Academy “Kartali” in 2011, organized under the Life + project of BSPB for Conservation of Imperial Eagle and Saker Falcon. • Participating in the mid-winter Census of Waterfowl in lakes of Kardzhali, Studen Kladenets, Ivaylovgrad and Arda river in the context of Wetlands International’s waterfowl census in the northern hemisphere.• Monitoring of common birds - an initiative of BSPB. Two field studies of common birds were conducted in the vicinity of the village Ostrovitsa, municipality of Kardzhali.


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