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Archaeological and cultural sites

PerperikonArchaeological complex 

Location: The complex is located 20 km northeast of Kardzhali, 2 km from the village of Gorna Krepost. It is entirely carved into the rocks and is one of the oldest monumental megalithic sites in Bulgaria. Here can be found the Thracian legacy, bearing memory of the god of wine Dionysus. Impressive cult center grandiose architectural ensemble - these are just some of the descriptions of the great city.

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The Womb cave near the village of Padartsi 

Location: Situated 25 km from the town of Kardzhali, high in the mountains above the hut Borovitsa in rocky area Dangardak Kaya (The ringing stone). 

Description: This incredible facility from the Thracian times was found in April 2001 The place is deserted, and nearby are developing some of the biggest complexes of Thracian rock niches in the Eastern Rhodopes (in villages of Nenkovo and Duzhdovnitsa).

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Womb cave

Orpheus sanctuary near the village of Tatul

Location: At 15 km east of Momchilgrad in the area of Asara near the village of Tatul.

Description: This is the second most important megalithic monument in the Eastern Rhodopes and one of the unique Thracian megalithic monuments in Europe. Impressive religious complex at first described by Nikola Ivanov “Mastanli’s County Gazette” in 1933 on the dominant scale, which leads to cut in the rock steps, is shaped a unique domed tomb with two graves which were covered with slabs.

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Municipality of Momchilgrad

Ancient villa “Armira”

Location: at 2 km south of Ivaylovgrad.

Description: Used to be a massive complex of residential and commercial buildings covering a total area of 2200 m. The residential part is occupies an area of 978 square meters covering a large courtyard surrounded by covered gallery with columns and a swimming pool in the middle. Around them were located living places - dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and more.

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Municipality of Ivaylovgrad

Ancient necropolis “The Great mound”, village of Svirachi

Location: It is located in the highest place in the beginning of what now is the village of Svirachi in the municipality of Ivaylovgrad – specially picked so it could be easily seen, with excellent visibility in all directions, providing closer distance with the gods.

Description: It is believed that "the Great Mound" was the tomb of the residents of Villa Armira. The location of the tombs, the method of construction and the objects found during excavations confirm the indisputable link between the two sites.

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 Dolmen at the village of Pelevun 

Location: At 2 km before the village Pelevun, Ivaylovgrad municipality, on the right to the road. I

Description: It is a tomb, pointing east - west, the entrance is from the east. It consists of a large burial chamber, antechamber, pre burial chamber and dromos, all with a rectangular plan. Its total length is 7.50 m. The dolmen is with highly complex plan, not familiar among studied in Bulgaria similar monuments. Probably built and used by the Thracians after V c. BC (Late Iron Age). His plan is close to the city of cut stones sub-mound Thracian tombs, popular at the time of its construction. Serving for burials for the 

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Thracian complex “The Deaf Stones” 

Location: 6-7 km southwest of the village Malko gradishte. 

Description: one of the biggest cult - burial complexes in the Eastern Rhodopes. It originated in the early Iron Age (XII - VI centuries BC.) And was used during Antiquity and Middle Ages. Situated on four rocks, separated by deep gorges. Occupies a central place hewn into the rock tomb of a prominent representative of the Thracian aristocracy. Staircase on which the funeral procession was passing, leads to the top of the rock. There is a large carved rectangular pool, serving most likely for water supply.

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Municipality of Lyubimets
Late renaissance graveyards at village Planinets

Location: At 2 km before the village of Planinets, Ivaylovgrad municipality, at the right side of the road.

Description: They are dated since the end of 19th and the beginning of 20th century. About twenty well-preserved tombs, built of rough hewn stone, some are preserved tombstones on which the inscriptions are in Greek. There are also family and children's graves. There are well preserved places for placing candles and other items, also built of stone.

Status: Cultural monument with local importance.Access: Right next to asphalt road.

The fortress „Asara“ (The stronghold or Chatal Kaya)

Location: at 2 km from the village of Rabovo, Stambolovo municipality
Description: the remains of the medieval fortress Asara, which impresses with the skilful incorporation of the fortress among inaccessible rocks. The walls are firmly cemented with mortar, reaching a thickness of 2 m and a height of 6 meters at Asara is due to the four huge rock towers encircling the interior in. 

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Megalithic monument “Cromlech”

Location: Located 12 km north from the town of Madzharovo in the area of village Dolni Glavanak.
Description: Ancient megalithic facility VIII-VII century B.C. - an enclosed sacred space - a stone circle, isolated from external forces used for ancient religious rites.

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The fortress “Monyak”

Location: It is 5 km east from Kardzhali near village Shiroko Pole, 586 m.
Description: It was built in XII - XIII century. It is one of the highest-lying and the largest medieval fortresses in the Rhodope Mountain area over 50 dca. Access is difficult because the terrain is steep, almost vertical in places. It is made of stone with plaster.

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The fortress Patmos 

Location: on the left shore of river Borovitsa – facing the cabin Borovitsa. It is in the territory of Ardino municipality.
: With well preserved remains from the fortress walls, foundations of tower and church.
: Archeological site with local importance.
: To reach the fortress, the river must be crossed with boat. From the shore to the fortress the road take 20 min.


Late ancient and medieval fortress near the village of Vishegrad

Location: Located on the right river bank of Arda at around 150 m from the village of Vishegrad.

Medieval fortress with an area of 562 square meters It rises to the notable peak with vertically hanging rocks toward the dam Studen Kladenets. The fortified wall is encircling the summit from all directions.

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Remains of the Thracian fortress “Kaleto” (The Fortress)

Location: Located in the area “Eagle rocks” at around 4km south of town Ardino.

The wall of the fortress forms irregular circle dimaetar 67 m. It covers an area of 0,5 dca. The fortress was built without plaster, so it is completely destroyed, the construction has slide down and the surface is strewn with fragments of Thracian pottery.

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Thracian fortress near village Lisitsite

Location: Located 100 m south of village Lisitsite in the area Chin Kaya. The village Lisitsite in on the south shore of dam lake Studen Kladenets.

A stone wall without soldering surrounds the north accessible part and has size of 200 square meters. At the beginning of the fortress wall is the turbe Shahin Dere, built with stone from the fortress wall. There were no organized excavations and therefore are not registered foundations of buildings and other facilities.

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Reintroduction of tarpans

Taxonomy  In 1784 Pieter Boddaert named the Tarpan under Latin name Equus ferus, referring to Gmelin's description of this animal. Even...

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TransRhodopi Long distance biking trail

The TransRhodopi Long distance mountain biking trail is developed in the Rhodopi mountains in Bulgaria. The trail is mainly off-road. It is built...

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