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Local Guides

Marina Kutelova

Marina Kutelova – 50 year old, lives in Kardzhali, married with two kids. Qualified guide on archaeological tourism, Bachelor degree in Engineering, fluent in Russian and English. Marina has extensive experience in organizing events such as "team-building, excellent animation of tourist groups, capable of predisposing people.

Driving license: No




Marin Kurtev - was born in 1976, graduated the University of Forestry in Sofia in 1999. From 2004 until 2011 was manager of the nature conservation center of BSPB in Madzharovo. He has extensive experience in the field of ornithology and guiding of tourist groups. He participated in numerous educational activities, monitoring of birds and green activities throughout Bulgaria. Marin currently offers guiding, kayaking and observation of wildlife in the area of ​​Madzharovo. He is married with three children.

 E-mail:, tel: +359 887 941 698



Nikolay Vasiliev – lives in the Gorno Pole village, Madzharovo municipality. Niki is married with 4 children. Graduate Agronomist in the Agricultural University of Plovdiv. Mainly engaged in farming - cattle and horse breeding. Together with his wife Betty established Wild Farm, which is the first farm in Bulgaria with a closed cycle of food. Typical mountaineer and excellent rider Niki will bewitch you with tales of the magical nature of the Eastern Rhodopes and its inhabitants. He offers horseback riding, hiking, visits to local attractions, rural tourism, etc.
Driving license: Yes 


Todor Mitkov

Todor Mitkov – 39 year old, lives in the village of Pelevun, Ivaylovgrad municipality. Todor is a member of the association “Green Balkans”, beginner level of English language, takes care of the place for vulture feeding in Plevun village.  

 Driving license: Yes


Traditional Dishes

Eastern Rhodopes area: What to have for Breakfast:  Gyozlemi (thin chese pastry baked on ceramic plate)– in the Wild Farm Katmi...

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Madzharovo is a small Eastern Rhodopean town with approximately 500 inhabitants. The town is named after its protector from 1913 - Dimitar...

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