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Natural monument

The petrified forest

Location: Located in the village of Raven (Momchilgrad) in a deep gorge, called by locals Gabaz gulch. "The Trees" are among both sides of the gorge with over 120 m length. They represent twenty stumps of trees burned by fire. They are 1 to 1.5 m tall and thickness of 0.4 to 0.6 m. In the cross section of trunks are clearly distinct annual rings. The forest in Raven is unique because the trees are upright. There is no other similar forest found in Bulgaria.

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Petrified Forest

Protected area “Pchelen kamak”  

Location: Between the villages of Pchelari in the municipality of Stambolovo and Kotlari in the municipality of Krumovgrad, before the iron bridge over Arda river, near the protected area Oreshari.Description: A Thracian rock sanctuary, consisting of a group of rocks on which are carved hundreds trapezoidal niches for religious use.

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The stone mushrooms  

Location: they are located east of Beli Plast village in the municipality of Kardzhali right next to the road. The mushrooms suddenly pop up next to you and enchant you with their impressive size and the likeness of real mushrooms. The reach height of 2.5 m, take area of 3 decare and they are with pink stumps and green hats.
: Actually the mushrooms are mould in volcanic rhyolite tuffs. Staining is caused by different minerals: pink - from clinoptilolite, gray and black spots on stumps - from manganese nodules and green...

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The Stone Wedding 

Location: Located near the village of Zimzele, aroud 3 km east from Kardzhali. It’s noticeable from far away because of the specific coloring of the rock in white and pink, caused by the content of metal oxides. Several different stone figures are noticeable – people, horses, birds and others according to your imagination.

Origins: The formation of this natural composition is commenced 40 million years ago when the Eastern Rhodopes were bottom of warm, shallow sea, plagued by continuous volcanic activity.

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“Belite brezi ”  resort

Location: Located 30 km from Kardzhali and only 6 km from Ardino.

Description: This is the only natural habitat of white birch (belite brezi means white birches) in the Rhodope Mountains and one of the most picturesque places in the region of Ardino municipality. These are rare throughout the country. The forest is a mosaic of birch, beech and pine. The combination of these trees make the air cleaner - radiating from birch phytoncides sterilize it, it is flavored by the pine, beech and it saturated with oxygen.

Status: Belite brezi resort is decalred for a resort with local importance, where the air heals pulmonary diseases and allergies. The whole area is 4000 decares.     

Access: from the town of Kardzhali in west direction towards the town of Ardino. Near an asphalt road.


Belite brezi

The Rocky Window 

Location: Located in the Big coomb of village Kostino, Kardzhali, in an area with outstanding landscapes and views of Kardzhali lake. It is a natural form, formed under the influence of violent waters passing under it. The height of the bridge is 10 meters, 15 meters in length and width of 7 meters, the thickness of the roadway is 1,5 m.

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Natural Phenomenons

The petrified forest Location: Located in the village of Raven (Momchilgrad) in a deep gorge, called by locals Gabaz gulch. "The Trees"...

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Farms and attractions

The Wild Farm in the village of Gorno Pole The Wild Farm is a non-traditional, organic farm in the village of Gorno Pole, Madzharovo...

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